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Transform Your Teaching with Game-Based Strategies and Tools

Writerly Play is a methodology for teaching writing that incorporates creative play into every step of the writing process.


Transform Your Teaching with Game-Based Strategies and Tools

You stand there in front of your students. They’re waiting. You’re wondering. How do I inspire them to want to write? How do I help them face that blank page? How do I keep them engaged with this challenging, creative work? How do I help them build confidence and develop as writers? And maybe, most importantly, how do I make it fun?

The answer is Writerly Play.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of play in the writing process
  • How to structure a writing class to provide opportunities for playful exploration
  • How to use games effectively in your writing classroom
  • How to have writerly chats that empower youth writers
  • How to create a safe space so students feel comfortable taking creative risks

Each chapter of this book includes real examples from classrooms, which show you what this methodology looks like in action. In addition, the appendices include over 30 pages of Writerly Games, which are ready to be used with your students today, and over 140 Conferring Topics, which will help you make the most of your one-on-one writing conferences.

Writerly Play offers a unique doorway into the writing process. Whether you’re an educator hoping to spark creativity in your writing curriculum or an author or teaching artist seeking resources for inspiring youth writers, Writerly Play is for you.


When you purchase Writerly Play from this site, we’ll also send you an all-new supplemental guide that provides a simple framework to guide your choices when it comes to that all-important question: Which game is the right game right now?