Use story as your compass through the creative process.

Hey there!

You know that show-and-tell feeling from elementary school when you were both eager and a little bit nervous to share something exciting? That’s how I’m feeling now.

I’m excited to introduce you to Writerly Play because it works. And because I can’t wait to see what it might unlock for you. How do I know it works? Because I’ve seen insight spark for adults and kids in workshops over the past twenty years. Because I’ve dug into the research and learned what’s happening on a neurological level. But most importantly, because Writerly Play has worked, again and again, in my own creative process.

And the nervousness? Whenever I direct a play with youth, and they’re backstage buzzing with frenetic nerves, I remind them that the butterfly wings in their stomachs, the fizzle of energy, is the body’s way of getting ready to do something big, something that truly matters. Sharing Writerly Play always gives me that thrill of stepping into the unknown. 

Writerly Play is a story, and that means your experience is entirely your own. What personal and creative insights might be waiting here to be discovered? Thank you for daring to try something new, for sampling this experience to see what’s here for you.

In Creativity,



Here’s how to make the most of this Writerly Play experience.

STEP ONE:  Grab a notebook and pencil, and head somewhere quiet where you can watch the video.

STEP TWO: Use your insights to design a Writerly Play prototype.

STEP THREE: Below, let me know where to follow up with you. As I mention in the video, this activity is a first step into a larger story. Over the next few weeks, we’ll walk together through steps to refine your prototype. In the longer term, you’ll receive experiences, coaching, and tools to support you as you tap into that next-level potential of yours.