Whether we love feedback or hate it, we all eventually must decide …

How do we make the most of it?

Especially when our emotions are high, it’s helpful to have a way to approach reflection, decision-making, and next steps. No matter your style, you’ll find an activity in this collection that will help you take the next round of creative feedback you receive and apply it effectively to your work.

The art of giving and receiving feedback is one of the cornerstone skills developed in the Writerly Play Cafe.

The Writerly Play Cafe, like the other Writerly Play rooms, is designed to help creatives separate their thinking into distinct steps. By knowing the purpose of a thinking task, we can utilize activities toward stronger results.

Choose the activity that best fits your creativity style. Not sure what your style is? Take the quick quiz and find out.


Pin the Heart on the Problem


List the issues raised and then use “Why …?” to narrow in on the heart of the problem.

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The Question Queue


Line up your questions and address them one by one in this structured revision approach.

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And Down the Stretch they Come


Choose the frontrunner issues and tackle them head-on with a quick-listing exercise.

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Scramble and Sort


After collecting feedback, scramble and sort it into new categories so the group can help the writer choose a starting place for a revision.

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