Style Your Creative Space in Five Quick Steps

style your creative space

Whether you have an entire room for creative work or just a small corner, the way you feel in your space is what matters most. There’s a reason that Kindergarten classrooms have corners for different kinds of activity. Our space sets a tone. We can set ourselves up for creative success by styling our creative space with a specific feeling in mind.

Step One: Brainstorm

Before getting bogged down in the logistics of your space, think expansively. Ask yourself: How do I want to feel when I sit down to create? List a few adjectives. You may want to think about your overall creativity style and set your space up with your preferences in mind.

Step Two: Consider the Five Senses

Look over your adjectives. What smells, sounds, colors and textures might help you feel those ways? What objects might help you style your creative space to make it work for you?

Step Three: Problem-Solve

Take a look at your actual space. First, what needs to be removed? What problems need to be solved so your space is resistance-free? Keep up your momentum. If you have piles of paper to deal with, stack them in a box or bag, and set them aside. Give yourself a clean slate as quickly as possible without getting sidetracked.

Step Four: Style Your Creative Space

Add details to make your space fit your style. Do you need more color? A scented candle? A fuzzy blanket? Try to use items you already own. Write down any wish-list items to decide on after you’re finished designing your space.

Step Five: Make a Plan

To keep your space resistance-free, you’ll need a plan. Do you need a paper processing inbox somewhere else in the house so that distracting odds and ends don’t end up in this space? Do you need to establish a creative space for each family member so your space doesn’t become the catch-all for everyone’s mess? Do you need a work’s-end ritual to restore your space so that it’s clean and ready for your next session?


Once you’re done, snap a photo and post it on Instagram or Twitter. Tag it #creativespace so we can all take a look and cheer you on! 

P.S. Here are some things I added to my space to make it work better for me:

Twinkle lights
A scented candle
Curated playlists (and a bluetooth speaker)
Tool kits for different activities that help me stay organized
A set of colorful Smencils