Do you have untapped creative potential?

Of course you do. Why am I so sure?

Creativity is a muscle.

Like any other muscle, our creativity can (and should) be developed. Yet, most people struggle to define creativity, much less describe how it works. We know creativity is a key skill for work and play, but because we don’t have solid ways to talk and think about it, we leave this essential skill up to chance. 

Writerly Play: Your Creativity Training Plan

Ideas are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creativity. The creative process involves questioning, reflection, listening, critical thinking, pattern-finding, decision-making, and many other modes of thinking. If we approach our thinking as though every mental activity is alike, we end up in an internal tug of war––ideating, for instance, when we intend to narrow down our options. Writerly Play uses your storytelling skills to build a world of space for your thinking and overall creative development.

Step One:


Whimsy can show up on a Wednesday, shimmering with all the possibilities of a magical doorway. The Writerly Play Kit is a once-a-month invitation delivered to your inbox, but the potential it holds is in your hands. Will you say “Yes, and …” to wherever your creativity might lead you next?

Step Two:


What does it look like to play your way to the page? To begin, sidestep out of right/wrong thinking and remember there is no one right way, no one-size-fits-all solution.

The Creative Lift Podcast offers thinking experiments, games, and practical tools to support you as you figure out the solution that will best fit you and your creative style. The first season also offers a big picture view of the tools Writerly Play has to offer.

Listen in here: 

Step Three:


I love walking alongside fellow creatives, listening, reflecting back to you about what I see and hear, supporting you as you personalize tools and strategies, and most of all, celebrating your successes with you.

If you’d like a traveling companion, learn more about my one-on-one coaching at the link below.