Hi, I’m Naomi.

Welcome to Writerly Play HQ.

I’m an author and creativity coach. And I take great joy in helping writers personalize, map, and problem solve the creative process.

How about you? How’s your writing going?

For many right now, tapping into creative energy requires digging deep. But too often, digging deep looks like giving ourselves another pep talk or pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps.

What if there were another way? You already know and love how a well-told story feels. That same pattern, the pattern of story, can be your real-world compass. You are the hero. Your creative development is the plot. Writerly Play provides practical tools and activities as you play your way onward.

Try it for yourself! Join me for a 15-minute Writerly Play experience that guides you step-by-step into your own story, defogs whatever you might find there, and points you toward sure-footed momentum.


What is Writerly Play?

Writerly Play gives you a story-based compass to realize your creative potential. Like any story, it provides structure and room for surprise.

The first step is to figure out who you are when it comes to creative work. In other words, what’s your creativity style?

Next, it’s time to locate yourself. Where has your effort led you so far, and where are you headed? Rather than plunging into the wild unknown aimlessly, Writerly Play points you in the direction of your creative dreams, and helps you navigate the path no matter what obstacles pop up along the way.

What’s here for you?


Whether you’re about to embark on a new project or you’re feeling stuck, Writerly Play can help you map your way forward. In coaching sessions, we focus on you, the artist, and on your project. You’ll develop your creative resilience while completing the project of your dreams. I work with youth and adults, and also coach educators as they launch Writerly Play in their classrooms.


“Kinsman offers a realistic and nuanced rendering that works for readers who want to know about the role of Christian faith in a young person’s development, as well as those who like a fresh story about the journey of growing up.”

– Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Society of Young Inklings

In second grade, I could hardly speak in class. Then, I won a writing contest and met with an author, who looked me in the eye and said, “You have stories to tell.” Everything changed.

That day, I made a decision. First, I’d grow up to be an author. Second, when I did, I would give back to youth writers. That’s why, over ten years ago, I founded Society of Young Inklings. Helping youth get the big ideas out of their hearts and heads and onto the page fills me with joy.