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Writerly Play Coaching

with Naomi Kinsman

Individualize, map and problem-solve your creative process.

Whether you’re starting, slogging through the middle, or stretching for the finish, tap into momentum and joy with Writerly Play.

Dive In

Launch that new project with gusto, and even better, with a trusty plan.

Get Unstuck

Get unstuck and stay unstuck with practical tools and strategies.

Challenge Yourself

Tackle that one nagging skill that you’re pretty sure is getting in your way.

Finish It

Wrestle those last loose ends to the ground and find your way to The End.

Personalized Coaching for Creatives

Know You Have Untapped Creative Potential, But Not Sure About the Next Step?

Over time, tiny improvements create major growth. Fine-tuning your ability to ask powerful questions, improvise, structure ideas, observe closely, and collaborate will take your work–and your life–to the next level. Writerly Play coaching is customized, with the goal of helping you reach your creative potential.

What Is Writerly Play Coaching?

How will Writerly Play help me?

Writerly Play is a framework to help you individualize, map and problem solve the creative process. You’ll bring your creative challenges to the table, and together, we’ll work out practical strategies to unstick stuck places, challenge any limitations, and help you tap into creative flow.

Who is Writerly Play coaching for?

Creative thinkers who are ready to develop a higher level of artistic skill will benefit from Writerly Play coaching. As a narrative framework, Writerly Play tends to appeal most to writers, actors, directors, illustrators, animators, and other storytelling artists.

If you’re a youth writer (under 16 years of age), visit Society of Young Inklings to explore one-on-one mentorship options and other programs especially designed for you!


How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Coaching is solution-oriented. In each session, we will identify tools and strategies that you can apply immediately in your life and creative work. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and challenge yourself, coaching will both ground you and help you achieve momentum.

You're ready to dive into a new project.

You’ve made a firm commitment to take on a new creative project. However, you also know this challenge is a stretch. You may need encouragement, perspective, accountability, or outside resources. You’d like a coach who can be a believing mirror for you, and who can problem-solve with you as obstacles arise.

It's time to get unstuck.

Maybe you’ve been stuck for a very long time, or this block may have only barrelled into your world yesterday. No matter your circumstances, Writerly Play can help you tap into what you already know about yourself as an artist, and find solutions where you thought there were none.

It's time to challenge yourself.

We all reach plateaus in our creative work. When we feel unsure how to challenge ourselves beyond what has become comfortable, we need a trampoline to help us joyfully spring up, up, up, and to keep us laughing as we take new risks along the way. Writerly Play can be just such a trampoline, helping you gain the perspective you need to cast a new vision.

It's time to finish that project.

Just like mile 20 of a marathon, hitting the final stretch of a creative project can feel like running face-first into a wall. You can finish–you know you can. You also know that having someone to run alongside you and urge you to keep pushing through the final steps may be the difference between good and great. Writerly Play brings a sense of fun into those last steps, too, helping you play your way to your best possible work.

How It Works

Start with a Free Session

In your first 20-minute session, you’ll sample the Writerly Play approach as we tackle a small challenge together. We will also discuss your intended focus for future sessions and explore whether Writerly Play is a fit for your needs.

Schedule your Sessions

Most projects last between four and eight sessions, which can scheduled in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly intervals.

Reach Your Goals

Whether your goal is a finished novel, a new level of skill, or a more grounded sense of yourself as an artist, success is on the horizon. Let’s play our way across that finish line.