Play helps us tell (and live) our most meaningful stories.

In any keynote, workshop, book talk or podcast, I help people experiment, improvise, visualize and tap into their creativity. What I love most of all is witnessing a-ha moments, when people play their way to ideas and solutions.

Let’s create an a-ha moment for your community together!

Often I speak about:

  • Play and Improvisation: in work, in writing, in learning, and in life
  • Creativity: overcoming obstacles and making the most of your own creative style
  • Writing: character development, world-building, and revision strategies
  • Teaching Young Writers: using Writerly Play in the classroom
  • Creative Living: seeking balance, living your Hero’s Journey


I’m happy to:

  • Facilitate a Writerly Play workshop or breakout session
  • Present a keynote
  • Provide one-on-one consultations
  • Teach hands-on school residency programs for K-8 students
  • Deliver professional development sessions for educators
  • Collaborate with your team to customize a workshop to fit your needs
  • Explore and Unleash your Creativity

    Whether you are writing a novel or nonfiction project, creating a production, launching a new nonprofit, or simply wanting to live a more creative life, I firmly believe your project is only one part of the quest. Underneath it is all the personal growth you will take with you after your project is launched.

  • Workshop Clip: Strategize Your Creative Project

    How do you approach creative challenges? We each have different styles, and most of us are a mix of more than one. This clip offers a sneak peek of Naomi Kinsman's strategic workshop for creative thinkers.

  • Keynote Clip: Don't Wait for Lightning to Strike: Get Intentional about Creativity

    Like any other muscle, creativity requires strengthening. And once your creativity is strong, you'll have problem-solving superpowers equal to any challenge. However, if you wouldn't have the faintest idea where to start, you're not alone! All you need is a starting place and a clear map.

  • Workshop Clip: Develop a Character with Writerly Play

    When your body is in motion, you think differently. Not only do the ideas flow more easily, you also have more room to experiment. Try out one choice, then rewind and explore the opposite. This exercise is one of many Writerly Play games that help writers play their way to the page.

Look like a match?

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