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Brilliant Hues

Life comes full circle for Sadie as she heads back to Menlo Park, California. But Sadie finds she no longer fits in, especially when one of her dad’s cases thrusts her into the spotlight and puts her in danger. She turns to her faith, but the youth group just isn’t the same, and Sadie has a lot to think about when she hears what some kids believe. She returns to Owl Creek for a reprieve, but everything feels different. She just wants things to go back the way they used to be. Will her faith be strong enough to get her through?

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Naomi Kinsman, once again provides a gratifying story for tweens who see themselves in Sadie. Kinsman speaks to her growing fan base with realistic stories, reflecting girls’ lives and issues sensitive to their hearts. Adolescents, particularly those who struggle with their faith as they come of age, will relate to Sadie’s story and learn that with God in their hearts they can overcome any obstacle.
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