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Spilled Ink

Play your way to the page with Spilled Ink, winner of Moonbeam’s 2009 Gold Medal for Educational Activity Book!

Here’s what the Moonbeam judges had to say:

“What a fine collection of resources to inspire kids to write!”

“I love the combination of literary tradition and playfulness. These folks know what makes kids tick.”

“Ms. Kinsman is dedicated to the noble cause of creative writing and sharing it with children is admirable. Bravo!”

Spill Some Ink with Spilled Ink!

  • 30 cut-apart Ink Splats — playful, thought provoking cards that help when you’re stuck for ideas.
  • A handy ring to keep all your “splats” together.
  • An official Society of Young Inklings mechanical pencil
  • Plain Paper Notebook — a special Spilled Ink ruled notebook for your writing adventures!

All contained in a sturdy, closeable binder pocket.

This “un” commonplace book is your entry into the Society of Young Inklings. Once opened, every day becomes a new opportunity for creative thinking and fun.

Both whimsical and practical, Spilled Ink is filled with the inspiration, tools and tips needed to develop the writing skills of fledgling authors of all ages. Learn the writerly habit of attention to detail; discovering and collecting ideas from everyday experience that shape the characters, plots, settings and details of fully realized stories. Learn to identify what makes a good story by reading like a writer. And record it all in Spilled Ink.

Believing that writing in all forms and at all ages is the richest way to explore the world, the Society of Young Inklings encourages it as a daily practice. To that end, this notebook works in tandem with the online tips, activities, book reviews, workshops, mentorship and publishing opportunities available on its website. Its bi-monthly e-zine, The Idea Files, explores specific topics such as suspense, character development, wordplay and compelling story beginnings and endings.

Spilled Ink is currently out of stock, but if you would like to be informed when it’s back, let us know.