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Creative Lift Season Two

Play Your Way to the Page

Are you a writer?

Or really, any other kind of artist who uses story as a key medium? If you take your work, your practice and your growth seriously enough to dare to play your way to the page, this podcast is for you.

In season two of Creative Lift, we explore how to put play to practical use in your creative practice. Each episode includes an invitation for your curiosity, a game or thinking experiment, and a question or two to take into your week.

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Creative Lift 013 - Find the Doorway to Make Believe

Find the Doorway into Make Believe

Do you remember playing make-believe as a kid? Maybe you had an ongoing world you would step into, where the story was always waiting to sweep you away. Whether you played long-form make-believe or just popped into imaginary worlds now and then, I wonder: What was your doorway in?

Creative Lift 014 - Saying Yes, And

Saying, "Yes, And..."

As an improv teacher, one of my very first goals in a workshop is to unlock the power of “Yes, and…” in our classroom. “Yes, and…” is what allows players to actually have fun while improvising. Working with writers, I’ve discovered that developing this mindset is equally important. 

Creative Lift 015 - Start with Simple Recipe

Start with a Simple Recipe

Do you prefer to personalize your approach or stick exactly to prescribed guidelines? Either way, by starting with a simple recipe, you give your creativity a play space in which to innovate. In this episode, we’ll explore how to use the simple recipes in improv and other similar games to jumpstart creative thinking.