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Create a Learner’s Book Club

Collaborate with a few friends to gain the most out of your next mentorship experience.




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Create a Learner’s Book Club


While you certainly can set out on learning journey on your own, sometimes the added perspective and camaraderie of a group of friends makes all the difference. In a Learner’s Book Club, you can compare notes, share insights, and hold one another accountable. Even if you’re not a Collaborator all the time, this is one situation in which you may be well-served by trying on the Collaborator hat.

A Learner’s Book Club can help you:

  • Explore questions more fully from various vantage points
  • Discover new experts you don’t know about yet
  • Share the responsibility of forming questions and seeking answers


Structuring a Learner’s Book Club

  • Book
  • Discussion Questions

  • Snacks!

1. Reach out to small group to test the waters. Who else is interested in learning about the topic you want to explore?

2. Choose a book on the topic and invite your list of interested friends to a meet-up. Everyone should read the book ahead of time.

3. Prepare a set of simple questions. Here are some to spark your creativity:

What questions came up as you read this book?

What strategies stood out?

Did you try any? If so, how did they work? What might you try next?

What are you still wondering? (This last question is a great one when thinking about a best next book.)

4. Once you’ve had one meeting, follow up with friends who could make a strong ongoing group. Now that you’ve met, you’ll know more about group dynamics and the best size for your Learner’s Book Club.

5. If possible, rotate leaders. Each time a group member is the leader, they should pick the book, bring the list of questions, and generally facilitate the discussion.

P.S. Don’t forget the snacks!

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