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Goal-Setting for Creatives: Play to Your Strengths and Tap Into Flow

Plan your next season using tools designed for your creative mind. Step away from to-do lists and into flow as you map your full-of-potential story.

Are you a visual artist, designer, or creative who is bursting with ideas and dreams? Do you long to see your creative visions come to life in the world?

That creative mind of yours is a one-of-a-kind asset, and yet sometimes it is the very thing that causes you to lose your way. Maybe you find yourself distracted by each shiny new idea, or lost in the fog of indecision, or discouraged by the mountainous list between you and your destination. Maybe you’re hoping this next season will be different. This time, you’ll shape up and stick to your plan, come what may.

But what if there was a way to collaborate with your imaginative spirit as you pursued big dreams instead of fighting yourself every step of the way? What if this next season could brim with flow and momentum as you navigate through a challenging, meaningful project all the way to launch day?

What You’ll Learn:

In this class, you’ll learn how to navigate your creative goals using tools inspired from the world of improv theatre, where actors use simple story structures to navigate the unknown. You’ll establish clear objectives and milestones, allowing for inevitable detours along the way. By tapping into flow and playing to your strengths, you’ll discover a new level of focus and fulfillment in your creative process.

Design Thinking for Writers: Create a Compelling Character

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Design Thinking for Writers - Create a Compelling Character

Design Thinking for Writers: Create a Character Arc

Build a foundation for your character’s journey that makes plotting decisions a breeze.

Too often, writers get tangled in the conundrum of whether their characters should do x or y. Which option will be more interesting? Which one is right? The truth—that one correct answer doesn’t exist—only makes these decisions more confusing. Fortunately, the design thinking approach will give you creative confidence at the beginning of the drafting process that will last all the way through. You’ll have tools that help you evaluate your options and make choices that you can count on.

What You’ll Learn:

In this class, you’ll create a character arc that fits your vision and that emotionally connects with readers. You’ll identify the core (often mistaken) belief that results in your character’s need for growth, and build a through line from that point through the resulting emotional climax.

Design Thinking for Writers - Create a Compelling Character

Design Thinking for Writers: Create a Compelling Character

Connect with readers on day one and be confident you’re on the right track.

What if you could remain true to your own creative vision while also testing the impact of your choices on readers? What if you didn’t have to draft scene after scene only to find out that one of your foundational assumptions was slightly off course?

What You’ll Learn:

In this class, you’ll create a character concept that readers will love. Together, we’ll borrow tools and mindsets from the worlds of design thinking and improv theater, especially the belief that when you fail faster, you succeed sooner.