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Writerly Play in the Classroom

Bring active learning into your writing classroom.

Writerly Play offers an untraditional doorway into the writing process. Through a variety of games and activities, your writers will take action and tackle various genres of writing. Writerly Play utilizes games to facilitate creative and critical thinking at every stage of the process, from idea generation to idea development, to drafting and revision, and even through the sharing of work.

Writerly Play Part One - Getting Started

Use the Writer’s Warm-Up to establish a safe, creative space for teaching with games in your classroom.

Writerly Play Part Two - Sidecoaching

Facilitate a playful, engaging learning experience for your students through side coaching.

Writerly Play Part Three - Conferring



Individualize the learning process for each of your students with writerly conversations.







Writerly Play Part Four - Classroom Management

Set guidelines to help your students play successfully and engage with the active learning process.

Writerly Play Part Five - Sharing Our Writing

Provide an end-point and goal for your writers with a final sharing day. Knowing the sharing day is on its way motivates writers to revise for their audience and to finish well.

An Invitation to Society of Young Inklings

Would you like more Writerly Play resources for your classroom? Did you know that Society of Young Inklings offers free membership for educators, packed full of Writerly Play goodies? Whether you’re an artist in residence, a classroom teacher, a librarian, or any other kind of teacher, we’d love to have you join us.

To kick off your membership, educators receive Quick Start to Writerly Play, a guide that will help you implement all the material we covered in the video series.