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Waves of Light

Waves of LightAfter struggling to fit into a new town and school, Sadie faces questions about her faith, family, and friendships, questioning all she has come to believe. Sadie’s life is spinning out of control. Her friend moved away, her mom remains ill, and her dad wants to leave town. At least the play Sadie is helping produce appears to be going well. After all, she gets to create the sets with her art teacher’s help. But even that falls apart when a flash flood destroys her teacher’s home and art. How can she trust or even believe in a God who would allow all this? God isn’t fair. With everything crumbling and her faith on the edge, Sadie must find strength in order to hold on in the midst of her struggles.

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“Kinsman captured a young girl’s essence perfectly. As if she was Sadie herself. Sadie’s questions were genuine and honest. She was strong and mature for her age… The author beautifully described faith even when we think God has left us.”

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