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 A podcast about leveling up your creative projects in the most joyful of ways: by playing your way to the page.

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If you’re an artist who takes your work, your practice and your growth seriously enough to dare to play your way to the page, this podcast is for you.

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Season Seven: Living the Artful Life


Creating Space

In Season Eight of Creative Lift, apply your world-building skills to your creative process to add joy and flow.

Season Seven: Living the Artful Life


Living the Artful Life

In Season Seven of Creative Lift, discover what the artful life is and why we might want to live one.

Creative Lift Episode 47-Celebrating Your Year


Ring in a New Year of Creativity!

We are approaching the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. Join us as we talk about how you might turn your celebration of this year’s wins into a meaningful gift for your creative self.

Creative Lift Episode 36- How to Choose a Project for NaNoWriMo


How to Choose a Project for NaNoWriMo

Join our discussion as we dive into the NaNoWriMo challenge. It’s a challenge started by an organization of that same name, in which writers are invited to draft a novel in the month of November.

Creative Lift Episode 28- How to Invite Feedback


Behind the Scenes of a Full-Novel Revision

A behind the scenes conversation of how to apply the tools you learned in Season Three.

How Might Design Thinking Work for Writers


Design Thinking for Writers

Dive into season three of Creative Lift, and learn to use the tools and mindsets of Design Thinking to boost your creative confidence.

Creative Lift 013 - Find the Doorway to Make Believe


Play Your Way to the Page

Put play into practical use in your creative practice. In this season, try games and thinking experiments to help you play your way to the page.

Episode One - Drop a You Are Here Pin


Step Into Your Story

In this first season, we explore how story can be a compass for your creative growth. Dip your toe into Writerly Play and listen for your own call to adventure. What’s next in your creative journey?


Creative Lift 68: Learning in the Library

Creative Lift 68: Learning in the Library

In today’s episode of Creative Lift, Creating Space: Learning in the Library, we’re building on last week’s exploration of an expansive library...