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Do you ever find yourself with cheeks aflame, heart thumping, even shouting at someone who’s only trying to help, “You don’t understand! I can’t do this!!”

When I leave a conversation like that, completely unsatisfied, sometimes I’ll realize … I just fought fiercely on behalf of my limitations. And we—my limitations and I—we won. What if we could tap into this powerful strength of conviction, energy, and passion, but use it on behalf of throwing doors open rather than slamming them shut?

In Season One of Creative Lift, we’ve experienced a Hero’s Journey. We answered the call to adventure and have been exploring how play works in our creative process, and how it might not be working quite the way we hope. In today’s episode, we enter the third trial which focuses on naming the obstacle that we’ve begun to see as we’ve been playing our way to the page. If we were to envision our fear, memory, expectation, belief, or emotion as a dragon, what would that dragon look and feel like? What is its essence? What if that dragon is actually trying to help us … and if so, how might we rework our relationship with it so that we can coexist more effectively?




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