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Like developing our creativity, developing our inner strength is both a little bit harder and also a whole lot easier than we make it out to be.

Harder because to meaningfully build inner strength, we need to intentionally practice. Strength does develop quietly in the background, but it can also atrophy. If we leave it up to chance, it’s easy to find ourselves in need of strength that just isn’t there. Maybe you’re wondering: How might we practice strength? It’s a great question. Practicing strength isn’t as tangible as practicing a one-handed cartwheel.

When a skill is hard to see or measure, that’s when story becomes such a valuable tool. In fact, the story we’ve been playing through in this first season of Creative Lift has been designed for this very purpose—to build our creative strength.

In Season One of Creative Lift, we’ve experienced a Hero’s Journey. We answered the call to adventure and have been exploring how play works in our creative process, and how it might not be working quite the way we hope. In today’s episode, it’s time for the climax of the story, when we face off with our dragon and see where the moment takes us. Sometimes a dragon is vanquished in one encounter, but often the result of standing face to face with them is that we renegotiate our relationship and find a more workable relationship for our ongoing creative health.




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