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How do you feel about creative feedback?

This is a tough question for me, because often my mind responds one way and my heart responds another.

But even that either/or frame falls short of sorting out the complex feelings I have about feedback. And complex feelings bubbling under the surface are a sneaky culprit of creative roadblocks. Since Creative Lift is all about uncovering the core of roadblocks so we can more easily play our way to the page, today’s episode shines a light on the tricky feedback question so that we can explore it with our eyes wide open.



A huge thank you to Alex Doherty, who records and edits Creative Lift.

In this season of Creative Lift, we’re exploring how Design Thinking might apply to the craft of writing. If you’d like to explore these tools and mindsets further, check out our Skillshare course, Design Thinking for Writers: Create a Compelling Character, at this link.


Design Thinking for Writers: Create a Compelling Character

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