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Aside from interior monologue, are there other ways to clue a reader into a character’s
thoughts and emotions? How might we keep a reader informed if we don’t want to
submerge them in a sea of rumination?
We’re in season four of the podcast, Behind the Scenes of a Full-Novel Revision, in
which I’m discussing a full novel revision with my fellow writer, Alex Doherty, a fellow
middle-grade writer. Our conversation is guided by his questions and goals for the
manuscript, and today we’re looking at interior monologue.



A huge thank you to Alex Doherty, who records and edits Creative Lift.

The feedback approach we’ve used in this season references Design Thinking tools and
mindsets. If you’d like to explore further how to apply Design Thinking to your writing
process, check out our Skillshare course, Design Thinking for Writers: Create a
Compelling Character, at this link.


Design Thinking for Writers: Create a Compelling Character

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