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It’s time for Season Six of Creative Lift! We’re approaching the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, and our theme for this season is Ring in a New Year of Creativity!

I wonder: if you were to give a gift to that imaginative part of yourself that loves to play and explore and wonder … what would you give them?

In this season of Creative Lift, I’m encouraging you to not only give yourself one gift, but a series of them. We’ll talk about the first in today’s episode, Celebrating Your Year, as we discuss how you can celebrate your year’s wins. Remember, even if those wins seem small, celebrating them tells your creative self that their efforts matter. And that boosts your energy and makes it possible for you to continue putting in that effort, no matter what form or size it takes.

Let’s talk about how you might turn your celebration of this year’s wins into a meaningful gift for your creative self.





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