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We’re continuing Season Six of Creative Lift, Ring in a New Year of Creativity!

When I started stepping into each new year as a new story, a new hero’s journey, I discovered something exciting: No more new year’s resolutions! No more rules, expectations, no more painful slog through lists of to-do’s toward my idealized self. A call to adventure does present us with challenges, but it also engages our creativity. When a story shows up, we generally know what we’ll be working toward. However, there’s all kinds of possibility about the how.

How will we travel this intriguing, mysterious path?

We can see a new project, goal, or possibility as a story to step into. Or, we can see it as yet another deadline with milestones and action items. Our viewpoint makes a huge difference. The shift starts with the position you take as you begin the story. Are you controlling everything, or waiting for the surprising invitation?

Shifting our mindset can be powerful, but finding the practical steps to make that mindset change happen can be mysterious. In today’s episode, Listen for the Call to Adventure, we’ll talk practically about how that call to adventure might show up and how you might approach it as a new story to step into.





Design Thinking for Writers: Create a Compelling Character

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