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What if you could show up at your creative desk with no ideas at all, or with a million ideas, and either way, feel sure you had a process to move you reliably into flow? What would it mean to be able to count on creative momentum?

We all face blocks now and then, sometimes major ones, and that reality makes it hard to believe in a world where we could count on creative momentum.

On the other hand, most of us would count on making some kind of progress if we signed up for a facilitated workshop. We’d expect the workshop leader to guide us into flow.

So, what if we could offer ourselves that kind of facilitated, reliable space? What if we were as confident in our own ability to move ourselves into flow as we were in the skills of an expert guide?

It may sound impossible, and sure, sometimes we do need the caring support of someone who is not inside our own heads. That said, if we can shift our mindset a bit, we can find ways to create space for ourselves that uses similar tools to what a facilitator might provide. We can prepare activities, recipes, games, fun supplies, tools, and other enticing resources ahead of time so that when we sit down to create, we’re in a safe, possibility-filled space.

In today’s episode, Equip Yourself for Creative Momentum, we’ll talk about how you can build customized tools that fit your specific needs, tools that make slipping into flow much more possible and predictable.






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