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I often encourage people to play their way to the page, which may sound whimsical, but I mean these words in all seriousness. Words matter, and when we say, “I have to write today,” or “Once I write 1000 words, I can get on with my day,” or even, “My most important task today is to sit down and write,” these words reinforce the idea that writing is work.

It’s true: writing requires a lot of heart and concentration and even determination. But, think back to when you were a kid telling stories with friends. Or even playing make-believe. Those games required the same of us — heart, concentration, and determination— and yet, if you’re anything like me, you couldn’t wait to get to those parts of our day when what you had to do was completed, and you could follow your imagination where it led.

You still can follow your imagination. You still can play your way to the page, though the pathway is a bit harder to find as an adult.

In today’s episode, Make it a Game, let’s talk about how to make your creative time into a game by shifting our mindset.







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