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Much has already been researched, said, and written about the tension between creativity and fear. Even so, I didn’t feel this season would be complete without a discussion of creative courage, and why daring is so crucial in the artful life.

Brene Brown writes, “The willingness to show up changes us, It makes us a little braver each time.”

What if you didn’t have to produce perfect work on the first or the fiftieth attempt? What if the point of the game was being willing to show up, and seeing how that act of daring, especially in the face of a challenge, built your overall courage?

When I think about living the artful life, I can’t help but ask myself: why? Why is this approach to living so important to me? After all, as we’ve noted throughout this series, artful living could also be called “intentional” living. Yes, transforming work into play, and creating moments of delight, and finding the just-right metaphor to express our perspective, experience, or emotion is absolutely worth the effort. Also, approaching life in this way does, in fact, take effort. Or maybe the better way to say that is living artfully takes extra thought. We are invited to pay attention in a way that brings us joy, that connects us to others, and that creates deeper meaning out of our everyday experiences.

In this final episode of the season, Living the Artful Life: Dare Greatly, we’ll explore how approaching the artful life with courage can begin with one tiny experiment. My hope is that we may all dare greatly this week, and also allow ourselves to start small.




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