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Zoom In On Your Heart

Answer three key questions to focus your attention on the core of this project, and its importance to you.




Finding the Heart


15 mins


Zoom In On the Heart

While there are only three questions in this exercise, there are likely a number of answers to explore. Give yourself the space to answer in a variety of directions to start. Then, review the ideas that arose, choose the answers that are most helpful, intriguing, or surprising, and follow that thinking through the second and third questions.

Your goal is to zoom in on what matters most to you in this project, and you are more likely to find that key insight by looking at the question from a number of angles.



How to Play

  • Timer
  • Paper

  • Pen

1. Set the timer for five minutes. List as many answers as you can to this question: In this idea, what matters most to me?

– If you run out of ideas, and there is still time, keep thinking until the timer buzzes. Sometimes the ideas that come after we think we’ve run out are the most helpful.

– If you run out of time but you still have more to say, allow yourself to keep going for a reasonable amount of time. Keep in mind that there are two more steps, and you want to have time for the entire exercise.

2. Review your answers, and star the ones that are most helpful, intriguing, or surprising. Ideally, you’ll have two or three ideas starred.

3. Set your timer for two minutes per starred item and list reasons why. Sometimes it helps to think in categories: personal, professional, community, etc.

4. Review your reasons, and then set the timer for a final five minutes. Write in as much detail to answer: What might success look like? Paint the scene of the project, finished, and how it will be experienced by others. If you can, invent a specific moment, a specific person, and build a circumstance that is meaningful to you.

5. The timer may run out, but keep going if you’re on a roll. You may want to revise your story into a short two-three paragraph reminder of where you’re headed. Keep your writing close at hand–it will help keep you focused on what’s most important in your work.

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