Freewrite Your Heart

Move your hand across the page speedily to bypass your critic and discover your heart.




Finding the Heart


15 mins


Freewrite Your Heart

You’ll do best with this activity if you can get your heart rate up before you start. Consider turning on some music you love and dancing for a few minutes before sitting down to write. Then, without thinking too hard, dive into the writing with the same intensity that you used when you were dancing. Make writing as physical as it can be, bypassing your brain as much as possible.

You want to race the clock right past your inner critic to find those aha! moments that you might not discover in a different state of mind.


How to Play

  • Timer
  • Paper

  • Pen

1. Set your timer for ten minutes.

2. Ask yourself: What matters to me in this idea? What are the non-negotiables? How do I hope the outcome will feel and flow? Start writing as fast as you can, using connecting phrases to keep your pen moving.

– And so …

– Which makes me think that …

– Because …

– What I really mean to say is …

– Another way to look at it is …

– It reminds me of …

3. When the time is up, read over your entry. Underline thoughts that stand out.┬áIf you think there’s more to say, and you have more time to write, expand on the thoughts you’ve underlined.

5. Tuck this writing away for a day when you need a reminder of why you’re working so hard on this project.

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