Frame Your Heart in Three

Choose three adjectives that focus your attention on the core of this project, and its importance to you.


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Finding the Heart


5 mins


Frame Your Heart in Three

Don’t let the simplicity of this exercise fool you. Taking the time to choose three adjectives that you’d be proud to use to describe your project when it is finished can give you a powerful focus. Your adjectives will help you avoid detours, and ensure that when you reach the end of your creative process, you land at the desired destination.


How to Play

  • Timer
  • Index Cards

  • Pen

1. Take a moment to picture your project when it is finished. Picture the circumstance in which you might you share it with a friend.

2. Imagine for a moment how you would describe the project. What kinds of words might you use?

3. Set your timer for two minutes and write one word per card, listing as many adjectives as you can think of that describe how the project will look and feel. Go for a variety.

4. Spread out your index cards and begin to sort them. Stack synonyms. Then, try to rank the words in order of importance. Your goal is to finish with three words that create a frame (think triangle) that show three key aspects of your finished work.

5. Post your three words somewhere where you can see and reference them often.

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