You already know how a well-told story feels. That same pattern, the pattern of story, can be your real-world compass. You are the hero. Your creative development is the plot.

Curious to see how story can be a compass through your creative process?

 Join me for a 15-minute Writerly Play experience that guides you step-by-step into your own story, defogs whatever you might find there, and points you toward sure-footed momentum.

Here’s how to make the most of this Writerly Play experience.

STEP ONE:  Grab a notebook and pencil, and head somewhere quiet where you can watch the video.

STEP TWO: Use your insights to design a Writerly Play prototype.

STEP THREE: Below, let me know where to follow up with you. As I mention in the video, this activity is a first step into a larger story. Over the next few weeks, we’ll walk together through steps to refine your prototype. In the longer term, you’ll receive experiences, coaching, and tools to support you as you tap into that next-level potential of yours.