The wide-awake way that children’s authors view the world that never fails to inspire me. Here’s a dose of wisdom to inspire, stretch and most importantly, motivate you to keep collecting ideas. Where are they? Tiptoeing around your world, whispering to you, inviting you to follow and explore.

Want more quotes from children's authors to inspire your idea-collection habit?

“But the sensibility of the writer, whether fiction or poetry, comes from paying attention. I tell my students that writing doesn’t begin when you sit down to write. It’s a way of being in the world, and the essence of it is paying attention.”

— Julia Alvarez

“I often have trouble falling asleep at night, so when I’m lying in bed I think up stories. That’s where I do a lot of my thinking. I also get a lot of ideas while I’m reading – sometimes reading someone else’s stories will make me think of one of my own.”

— Linda Sue Park

“Sometimes you have to stop trying to force it, walk away and let your subconscious show you the way. Fill up on life for a while.”

— J. K. Rowling

“Artists need to fill themselves to overflowing and give it all back.”

— E. B. Lewis

Want more quotes from children's authors to inspire your idea-collection habit?

“You can make up your own story when you look at a photo.”
— Brian Selznick

“The main thing to do is pay attention. Pay close attention to everything, notice what no one else notices. Then you’ll know what no one else knows, and that’s always useful.”

— Jeanne DuPrau

“We cannot stay home all our lives, we must present ourselves to the world and we must look upon it as an adventure.”

— Beatrix Potter

“Maybe we are all cabinets of wonders.”

— Brian Selznick

I know, I know, I said ten quotes on collecting ideas … but I couldn’t help myself. I added a few extra.

“Take a step, breathe in the world, give it out again in story, poem, song, art.”

— Jane Yolen

“The city is like poetry; it compresses all life, all races and breeds, into a small island and adds music and the accompaniment of internal engines.”

— E. B. White

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