Creative Lift Season Three

Design Thinking for Writers

Are you a writer?

Or really, any other kind of artist who uses story as a key medium? If you take your work, your practice and your growth seriously enough to dare to play your way to the page, this podcast is for you.

Dive into season three of Creative Lift, and learn to use the tools and mindsets of Design Thinking to boost your creative confidence.

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How Might Design Thinking Work for Writers

How Design Thinking Works and Why Writers Should Care

Design Thinking offers artists a way to boost their creative confidence as they make creative decisions. Today’s episode kicks off our exploration with an overview of what Design Thinking is and how writers might make use of its tools and mindsets.

Creative Lift 014 - Saying Yes, And

How Does Empathy Fit in the Creative Process?

In today’s episode, we’ll discuss where empathy can fit into our creative process, and why including empathy as part of our work can boost our creative confidence.

Creative Lift Episode 22

Where You Start Determines Where You End Up

We need a compass to guide our decision-making so that we can confidently move forward in the direction we mean to go. But when we’re traveling uncharted territory, what kind of compass can guide us? In this episode, we’ll explore one way to define our creative target and to boost our energy and flow.