Creative Lift Season One

Step Into Your Story

Are you a writer?

Or really, any other kind of artist who uses story as a key medium? If you take your work, your practice and your growth seriously enough to dare to play your way to the page, this podcast is for you.

In this first season, join me to explore how story can be a compass for your creative growth. Each episode includes an invitation for your curiosity, a game or thinking experiment, and a question or two to take into your week.

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Episode One - Drop a You Are Here Pin

Drop a You Are Here Pin

When was the last time you were swept up in the wonder, joy and thrill of a creative project? What if we didn’t have to wish, hope, and long for flow? What if instead, like a hot air balloon tethered in our backyard, we knew exactly where to find it? 

Creative Lift 002 - Play to Your Strengths

Play to Your Strengths

What are your creative strengths and challenges? In this episode, we explore thoughts about our gifts and limitations. You’ll also identify a few specific strengths and consider how you might play to them, especially when facing your biggest challenges.

Creative Lift 003 - Listen for the Call to Adventure

Listen for the Call to Adventure

What if we didn’t have to have immediate answers to big, nuanced questions? In this episode, we’ll explore a listening tool that doesn’t let us off the hook when it comes to big questions, but that also offers space and time for an answer to emerge.

Creative Lift 004 - Cross the Threshold

Cross the Threshold

In the last episode, you’ve began to listen for your call to adventure. In this episode, we’ll talk about what to do with what you’ve heard. Will you accept the call to adventure and cross into the unknown?

Creative Lift 005 - Explore Your Creative Space

Explore Your Creative Space

We’ve said yes to the call to adventure and stepped into the unknown to explore our creative potential. Today’s episode illuminates a secret space you’ve always had access to, but which you may not have seen in quite this way. Come inside and let’s take a look around.

Consult a Wise Advisor

Consult a Wise Advisor

Whether you enjoy mentorship or resist it, there’s a reason mentors show up near the beginning of a Hero’s Journey. Often, the hero can’t move beyond where they are without a shift in mindset. Listen in and explore who your just-right advisor may be at this moment of your creative journey.

Creative Lift 007 - Survey the Landscape

Survey the Landscape

We answered the call to adventure and have been exploring our creative landscape. In today’s episode, we enter the first trial. How does play work in our creative process, and how might we make the most of this powerful tool?

Creative Lift 008 - Build a Practice

Build a Practice

When you start learning something new, there’s often a phase where it’s joyful to learn everything there is to know. Then, overwhelm sets in. There is so much to know. As we enter the second trial of our Hero’s Journey, we’ll focus on gaining traction through intentional practice.

Creative Lift 009 - Uncover the Hidden Obstacle

Uncover the Hidden Obstacle

It’s time to enter the third trial of our Hero’s Journey! We’re naming the obstacle that has begun to reveal itself as we’ve been playing our way to the page. If we were to envision our fear, memory, expectation, belief, or emotion as a dragon, what would that dragon look and feel like?

Creative Lift 010 - Wrestle the Dragon

Wrestle the Dragon

We’ve come to the climax of the story, when we face off with our dragon and see where the moment takes us. Sometimes a dragon is vanquished in one encounter, but often the result of standing face to face with them is that we renegotiate our relationship and find a more workable relationship for our ongoing creative health.

Creative Lift 008 - Build a Practice

Brave the Magic Flight

In the last episode, we experienced the climax of our story and came away with a specific gift. Now it’s time to explore how you might claim that gift more fully, and mark the important growth you’ve achieved in this process. How might we celebrate your win?

Creative Lift 012 - Share Your Story

Share Your Story

In order to share our stories, we must shape them into stories. In our final episode of season one, we’ll bring the story we’ve been playing through to a close and explore the question: What makes a satisfying end to a story?