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Creative Lift Season Six

Ring in a New Year of Creativity!

Are you a writer?

Or really, any other kind of artist who uses story as a key medium? If you take your work, your practice and your growth seriously enough to dare to play your way to the page, this podcast is for you.

Dive into season three of Creative Lift, and learn to use the tools and mindsets of Design Thinking to boost your creative confidence.

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Creative Lift Episode 47-Celebrating Your Year

Celebrating Your Year

In this season of Creative Lift, I’m encouraging you to not only give yourself one gift, but a series of them. We’ll talk about the first in today’s episode, Celebrating Your Year, as we discuss how you can celebrate your year’s wins.

Creative Lift Episode 48- Listen for the Call to Adventure

Listen for the Call to Adventure

In today’s episode , Listen for the Call to Adventure, we’ll talk practically about how that call to adventure might show up and how you might approach it as a new story to step into.

Creative Lift Episode 49: Equip Yourself for Creative Momentum

Equip Yourself for Creative Momentum

In today’s episode, Equip Yourself for Creative Momentum, we’ll talk about how you can build customized tools that fit your specific needs, tools that make slipping into flow much more possible and predictable.


Creative Lift 50: Make it a Game

Make it a Game

In today’s episode, Make it a Game, we’ll talk about how to make your creative time into a game by shifting our mindset.

Creative Lift 51: A Fresh Page

A Fesh Page

In today’s episode, A Fresh Page, we’ll talk about how rhere is no predetermined path and how you can follow your curiosuty where it leads and how to make the most of those first steps.

Creative Lift Episode 52: Lean Into the What If

Lean Into the What If

In the final episode of Season Six of Creative Lift: Ringing in a New Year of Creativity. In today’s episode, Lean Into the What If, we’ll explore how to use “What if…?” as a doorway into flow.